Escaping from reality for a few days
in each of these countries:
Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia

Personalised Winter Vacations

Northern lights winter tour

Helsinki to Lapland Tour: 6 Day Finland Fairy Tale Package

4.9 ★

Take in the capitals of both Finland and Lapland on this stunning Helsinki to Lapland tour. After two days in glorious Helsinki, you’ll travel in luxury to Rovaniemi for a long list of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Ride reindeer across the Arctic Circle, catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights and visit Santa Claus at his home village in Rovaniemi!

Northern light search tour

Best Chance to Experience the Magic of Aurora Borealis – 3 Northern Lights Safaris, 4 Nights in a Glass Igloo


There are only certain parts of the globe where you can experience this phenomenon in the “up close and personal” way it is meant to be experienced. The Arctic Circle is the absolute best Northern Lights vantage point you can have. And we are giving you a unique chance to not only see the mystical Northern Lights like you never have before, but coupled with our total Rovaniemi package, you will partake in a safari adventure that will live in your memory for years and years to come.

Lapland Northern Lights search

4 Day Rovaniemi Finnish Lapland trip – Experience the Magical Christmas Season in the Heart of Lapland

4.5 ★

Enjoy four memorable days in the winter wonderland of Rovaniemi – Lapland’s capital. The Arctic Circle, Northern Lights, and Santa Claus await you!

catch king crabs in Kirkenes

2 Day King Crab Safari in Kirkenes

5 ★

Dive into an Arctic adventure tour with our 2 Day King Crab Fishing package. This unforgettable experience includes an overnight stay at a delightful hotel, perfectly located in the centre of Kirkenes, Norway, and king crab fishing. Relax and explore the town, before you’re swept away on a snowmobile to sample one of the greatest Arctic offerings. The Arctic king crab. Get involved and cut the ice, catch the crab and – most importantly – eat the delicious meat at a cosy lakeside cottage. With transfers included, this really is the best way to get a taste of the action.

from 479€

Year-round Baltic cruises

Stockholm to Turku and Helsinki trip

6 day Baltic cruise to Stockholm, Helsinki, Turku, and Tallinn, the ancient Baltic capitals

5 ★
Cruise map from Stockholm to Turku, Helsinki and Tallinn
5 day Baltic cruise map: Stockholm - Turku - Helsinki - Tallinn - Stockholm
from 648€
Helsinki to Stockholm ferry cruise

3 Day Helsinki – Stockholm Tour

5 ★

Explore the Venice of Scandinavia in luxury with this stunning 3 Day Stockholm Tour package. Sailing from Helsinki to Stockholm on a deluxe cruise, you can experience the unique sea breeze of the Baltic while you take in its vast, incredible views. Arriving on the second day, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the guided walking tour as well as discovering the abundance of sights and tourist attractions Stockholm has to offer.
Comfort and indulgence are ensured for your return trip as you spend a second night aboard a magnificent cruise liner following your Stockholm tour.

from 369€
Baltic trip from Helsinki to Stockholm and Tallinn

Three of Finest Capital Cities: Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn by Baltic Sea

4.9 ★
Northern Europe cruise map
4 day Stockholm to Helsinki and Tallinn cruise map
from 685€

Tervetuloa! Welcome to Scandi Travel

Welcome to Scandi Travel – home of astonishing adventures, spectacular scenery and sensational cities handpicked just for you.

Full of magic and intrigue, the great expanses of the Northern hemisphere have attracted and captivated travellers from across the globe for decades. From the beautiful cities of Scandinavia to the enchanting displays of the Northern lights, there is something to entice and delight any explorer.

If you’re looking to relax and soak up the breathtaking scenery, hop aboard one of our luxury Silja Line Baltic cruises to experience the beautiful landscapes and explore the historic cities of Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn or Stockholm.

Book any tour 6 months in advance, and get a 6% discount on the entire tour price (including optional services). Input earlybird promo code when booking to take advantage of this generous offer.

Chasing the Northern Lights From a Glass Igloo

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