The Top Five Things you Must Do in the Baltic

Helsinki by winter time

The Baltic region is a cornucopia of cultural and natural attractions, and you can literally spend weeks (or even months!) exploring everything this beautiful corner of the world has to offer.


Here are just five of the top, must-see attractions in the lands surrounding the Baltic Sea. Embark on a Baltic cruise or travel by land; whatever else you do on your Nordic holiday, don’t miss these experiences…


  1. Tallinn Old Town

Estonia’s capital city is famous for its charming walled mediaeval Old Town; winding cobblestoned streets, a Gothic Town Hall, watchtowers and a castle translate to literally stepping back in time when you explore this truly historic site.


  1. Peterhof Palace

Russia’s Imperial City, St Petersburg, is a stone’s throw by sea from Helsinki and Tallinn, and has many wonderful attractions. None are more amazing and enjoyable for the whole family than the Grand Palace of Peter the Great and its trick fountains. The old summer residence of the Tsars, it is known colloquially as the “Russian Versailles”. One look and you will understand why.


  1. Christmas in Lapland

Everyone loves the magic of Christmas and what better way than to visit the winter wonderland of Santa Claus himself? Visitors both young and old will delight and rediscover the wonder of childhood when you visit the Santa Village near Rovaniemi in Lapland. No Lapland trip is complete without sending a postcard from the North Pole and meeting Santa Claus; also be sure to see the Northern Lights, cross the Arctic Circle, and embark on one of many Lapland safaris.


  1. Helsinki Market Square

This is one of northern Europe’s most renowned outdoor market areas, with markets operating between spring and autumn. On the beautiful banks of the Baltic Sea, it is the place to hunt for flowers, local foods, souvenirs, and to rest in a cafe. In October, the Market Square hosts the Herring Market.


  1. Helsinki Rock Church

This unique church in Helsinki was designed half a century ago. The inside of the church lies underground, and was carved out of ancient rock of the Helsinki peninsula. Not only a place of worship, it is also used as a concert hall, its acoustic properties being exceptional. The dome is glazed glass and copper sheeting, and the whole space is a marvel of natural light in the daylight hours.


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