Catch the Aurora at Its Brightest Due to the Solar Maximum in 2024-2025. Witness an extraordinary natural spectacle in Lapland with peak solar activity leading to the most intense Northern Lights in a decade. Book now for the best aurora experience. Coupon Code: SUNG9R.
Solar Maximum 2024-2025: Witness the brightest aurora in Lapland. Use coupon code SUNG9R for limited deals.

Finnish Lapland

Multiple Day Trips

With our expertly planned multi-day trips, you’ll experience the wonder
of this stunning Lapland destination.

Start in Helsinki or Stockholm. Embark on a journey from the Northern capitals to the heart of the Arctic.

Start in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. Discover Arctic magic, and chase the Northern Lights

Explore the Best Winter Lapland Trips

Best trips to Lapland

Unforgettable Short Trips & Excursions in the Arctic Wonderland


Norwegian Fjords

The Norwegian fjords are acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful places on the world by many people. The beauty, deep hues, and size of spectacular natural landscapes will take your breath away.


Baltic Cruises

Discover the amazing countries of the Baltic region on comfortable, modern ships. Visit capitals and ancient cities; enjoy Scandinavian cuisine and entertainment on board. Our guides will make your trip unforgettable!

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