Vuokatti Angry Birds Activity Park – The Launch Interview

08 Mar

A unique Finnish attraction has been drawing in visitors from all over the world. Inspired by the hugely successful video game, the Vuokatti Angry Birds Activity Park opened in Finland in December 2012. With 4000 square metres dedicated to Angry Birds themed adventure activities, the park is the largest of its kind in the world. 

Scandi Travel is proud to offer exclusive tours to Vuokatti’s wonderful Angry Birds Activity Park. We have been privileged to interview the park’s Sales Manager, Anu Kähkönen, and in turn give you an insider’s insight into the park’s charms. Anu has overseen the park since it opened in December 2012 and was delighted to confirm that, “the feedback from visitors has been extremely positive. Many of the visitors come back time after time. Due to the new concept we have, there has been interest from around the world.”

The wild popularity of the Angry Birds video game has made the park an extremely beloved attraction in just a few short months. We asked Anu about famous visitors and upcoming events, after all the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron is a huge fan of popular game. Anu happily said that “some Finnish celebrities have visited the park. There will also be TV productions filmed during the spring. David Cameron is more than welcome to visit the park. A Finnish TV program called “Puoli Seitsemän” was filmed here two weeks ago. Currently, another TV program is being filmed in which families and celebrities compete in the Park.”

The enormous 8,700 metres square park has four different areas: Angry Birds, Game Arena, Vuokatti Golf Arena and Vuokatti Freestyle Hall. The many attractions include a Pedal Car Track, Adventure Tracks, a Bubble Room, Freestyle Skateboarding, a BMX Park and much more. There is even a Golf Arena where Golf Enthusiasts can practise indoors all year. If you fancy a break from all the fun, the park restaurant offers hot and cold meals as well as edible Angry Birds treats. You can even try an Angry Birds soft drink – the flavours are Tropic, Paradise, Lagoon and Comet. There’s a selection of well-stocked gift shops too, so you can purchase authentic Angry Birds souvenirs as a reminder of your trip. You can find a video of the launch and some of the amazing attractions here.


The Vuokatti park is the second in Finland but is different from the one in Särkäniemi. We were interested to know the difference between the two. Anu explained, “Särkäniemi is an amusement park and ours is an activity park. There is no motorised equipment here. Visitors get active here. Angry Birds Activity Park Vuokatti is also an indoor activity park, so it is open all year-round. I definitely believe this park will encourage visitors to participate in more active and healthy pastimes.”

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, created 50 games without much success before they released Angry Birds in 2009. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why Angry Birds has become such a huge success, but it has grown at a phenomenal rate. “The popularity of Angry Birds has surprised us. Angry Birds is beloved,” said Anu. “The product concept works great. Rovio has even launched an idea about Angry Birds movie.”

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