Visiting Santa’s Village in Lapland: Everything You Need to Know – Part 2

Santa Claus Finland

Opened in 1965, Santa Claus Village in Finland has continued to attract thousands of visitors every year. The stunning landscapes, cosy wooden lodges and, of course, the big man himself are just some of the reasons tourists flock to the amazing Arctic Circle year-round.

While the Village is open for visitors all year, there’s no time more magical than the Christmas season to spend time with the one and only Santa Claus. But organising a trip to this unique and unforgettable destination can be challenging at the best of times, not least during Christmas.

Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to. We’ve put together this handy guide to visiting Santa’s Village in Lapland. Keep reading as we discuss the best ways to spend your unforgettable holiday in Finland. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out part one of our series, all about planning the trip of a lifetime.

Meet the locals

Needless to say, your children’s faces will truly light up when they meet Santa Claus. But he isn’t the only famous local in Lapland. The reindeer, postal elves and his iconic helpers are all worth a visit, too. 

Since 1985, when Santa’s Official Post Office opened its doors, he has received a whopping 15 million letters from 198 difference countries. The postal elves are happy to help year-round, sending uniquely stamped postcards to friends and loved ones around the world. 

As for Rudolph and his band of reindeer, they play a special role in Santa’s life, making an impression on everyone they meet. The friendly, gentle creatures are much more than a unique mode of transport – although a trip across the Arctic by reindeer is not to be missed!

Crossing the Arctic Circle

The mysterious Arctic Circle brings magical phenomena to the area all year. The circle of latitude that runs 66°33’45.9” north of the Equator, marks the southernmost latitude where the sun can continuously stay below or above the horizon for an entire day. The Midnight Sun in the summer and the Polar Night in the winter mark the moment the sun stays above or below the horizon for a whole 24 hours.

The extraordinary Arctic Circle runs through Santa Claus Village, offering visitors the chance to cross into the circle and gain a certificate for their feat. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to potentially experience an entire day of darkness or sunshine. 

Spot the Northern Lights

Santa’s Lapland is home to many amazing, spectacular sights, Santa Claus Village being just one. While you’re there you may even get the chance to tick another experience off your bucket list – seeing the breath-taking Northern Lights. The phenomenon, also known as Aurora Borealis, is most visible between November and March, making Christmas the ideal time to look out.

Stay with loved ones in a dream-like glass igloo and gaze up at the night sky, with your fingers crossed for the Northern Lights dancing across the darkness. Or, to increase your chances of spotting the spectacle, opt for a 7-day Lapland Northern Lights tour,taking you across the country to the most likely-to-spot areas.

Hang with the huskies

A trip to Finland, and Santa Claus Village, wouldn’t be complete without meeting some of the country’s most-loved animals. Spend your day with the stunning huskies and learn some of the fascinating facts about the beautiful creatures. You can even travel on a husky-sledge across the frosty landscapes of Lapland. Or, if you’d prefer, you can simply hang out with the animals and learn all about their diet, exercise routine and how to properly care for a husky.

The trip of a lifetime

Visiting Santa Claus Village is an unforgettable, once in a lifetime trip for the whole family. With so much to see, do and experience, planning the amazing holiday can be daunting. That’s where Scandi Travel comes in. Our unforgettable tours are tailored to your requirements, covering everything from meeting Santa himself to travelling with huskies.

Leave all the hard work to us. Simply get in touch with our travel experts today, let us know which tour you’d love to take and we can handle the rest.

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