Why Visit Scandinavia?

22 Jul
Helsinki harbor

Why Visit Scandinavia?

Scandinavia as a tourist destination, unless one lives in the region, flies under the radar somewhat and is often overlooked for more well-known and well-trodden travel locales such as the Mediterranean, the European Alps, Thailand, or the South Pacific. What many people don’t realise or consider is that a vacation in Scandinavia truly opens up a whole new world and offers so many amazing experiences: one visit and you’ll be hooked.

Scandinavia is located in northern Europe and comprises Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the Nordic countries including Finland and Estonia. It is but a short distance across the Baltic Sea to far-western Russia and Saint Petersburg.

So why visit Scandinavia?

  • Spectacular natural phenomena

Nowhere else in the world are some of Mother Nature’s finest offerings on show as conveniently for the tourist: the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), the Midnight Sun, Polar Nights. Additionally, Scandinavia has magnificent landscapes and unique wildlife for the nature-lover.

  • Ancient and intriguing history

Scandinavia is the historical land of the Vikings, with a rich medieval history apparent in the ancient architecture in older parts of the cities. Museums in major cities bring this past to life for the history buff, and churches and castles built centuries ago abound.

  • Seasonal climate

The climate in Scandinavia is truly seasonal; each season brings with it an entirely different atmosphere and experience for the traveller. Summer delivers long, mild to warm days; winter transforms the region to a snowy, cold and dark land. During the warmer months, there are plenty of outdoor events to be participated in and enjoyed – holidays, festivals and celebrations to make the most of the glorious weather and the long, long days.

  • Attractions to suit all tastes

There is something for everyone: museums, castles, shopping, dining, nightlife, tours, safaris, winter sports, whale watching, amusement parks, walking … the options are almost endless.

  • Interesting city destinations

The capital cities in Scandinavia are a fascinating meld of tradition and history with modern, metropolitan and progressive living. Whether visiting Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Saint Petersburg or Oslo, each city has its own unique character and so much to offer the tourist.

  • Unique cuisine

Part of a truly complete travel experience is immersing oneself in the culture of the place and cuisine is a big aspect of this. Scandinavian cuisine is an adventure in itself: scrumptious meatballs, fermented fish, tasty breads, and local berries… the word “smorgasbord” is of Swedish origin and should be experienced in its original environment at least once!

As well as these considerations, other benefits of vacationing in Scandinavia include:

  • English is spoken widely and fluently
  • Inclusive and accepting – very tourist-friendly: wherever you are from, whatever your religion, race or sexual preference, this is a welcoming environment.
  • Great public transport system and short travel distances. Also, most cities are very pedestrian-friendly for walking and exploring on foot.
  • Low crime rate = safer travel
  • Europe is just on the doorstep

In view of all of these attributes, and the vast array of what a vacation or holiday in this region has to offer any tourist, the question should really be:

“Why Not Visit Scandinavia?”

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  1. Linda 24.07.2013 at 16:27 #

    My favorite thing about Scandinavia is that it has a little bit of everything: scenery, culture, attractions, shopping etc. Its easy to spend time in the city or get out and explore nature. That’s what makes it so special. I recently took a trip to the Sognefjord and had a fantastic time. I’m looking for any recommendations on my next trip to Sweden and Finland. Any ideas?