Visit Lapland: The Santa Claus Express

Helsinki Rovaniemi train

Amongst the most popular Lapland trips offered by Scandi Travel are those which travel from Helsinki in Finland’s south, to Rovaniemi, and the heart of Lapland. Visitors can experience both the cosmopolitan cityscape of the nation’s capital, as well as the wilderness, activities, and unique lifestyle enjoyed in this far-north corner of the world – not to mention that this is the land of Santa Claus!

Known as the “Santa Claus Express”, the night train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi is a double-decker sleeper train which offers a wonderful way to see the beauty of Finland’s landscape in a relaxed atmosphere.

This night train runs a single route between Helsinki and Kemijarvi in the far north, passing through Tampere and Oulu, with a stop in Rovaniemi. Travel time is between nine and twelve hours, with departures from approximately 7-9pm, and upon arrival in Lapland the visitor is in a magical landscape where the sun does not set during high summer and does not rise in deep winter.

Travelling on the sleeper Santa Claus Express is both comfortable and affordable. Prices range depending upon how you choose to travel.

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Facilities onboard are impressive: luggage racks, air conditioning, power sockets, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, and shower/toilet facilities. Compartments are for two people. Disabled passengers are catered for and there is a
bistro/restaurant for refreshments and meals on the trip.

Cars can travel on the train as well. The station in Rovaniemi is adjacent to the city centre and is conveniently located.

It’s important to know that trains get very busy during high season and bookings should be made well in advance.

Scandi Travel are here to help! Contact us for all of your Nordic travel needs and advice – including Lapland trips, and travel from Helsinki to Rovaniemi on the Santa Claus Express!

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