Two Countries Snowmobile Safari on the Gulf of Bothnia

Venture across the Gulf of Bothnia on a thrilling snowmobile safari. Take in breathtaking surroundings and get close up and personal with the Arctic wildlife before relaxing with a warm drink at the border.

Tour program

On this awe-inspiring adventure, you will venture across the Gulf of Bothnia, which unites the Nordic nations of Finland and Sweden, on a snowmobile safari. Feel the adrenaline rush as you steer towards the majestic frozen sea. From there, you will journey over to the border between Finland and Sweden. Admire the beautiful islands as you breeze across the endless ice fields. You might even be lucky enough to spot seals lying leisurely in their natural habitat, in the stunning icy surroundings. Even better, you can warm yourself up with a soothing hot drink to toast the crossing from one great nation to another.

Take an unforgettable snowmobile ride across the Gulf of Bothnia:
• Steer your way through the unique landscape
• Admire stunning ice fields and Arctic islands
• Catch a glimpse of seals in their natural habitat
Toast the border crossing with a soothing hot drink

Snowmobile ride around the frozen Gulf
Tour across the Gulf of Bothnia
Warm drinks at the border crossing