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Boat Trip Stockholm to Helsinki

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Comfortable ferry Stockholm Helsinki
Daily buffet breakfast
Private guided tour in Helsinki
Private return transfers in Stockholm


Day 1. Travel from Stockholm

You are now in Stockholm, or you have plans to go there in the near future. Visit the neighbouring northern country of Finland to take advantage of the one-of-a-kind chance to broaden your horizons.

We are glad to offer you a three-day Baltic Sea cruise from Sweden to Finland aboard one of the most opulent ships in the region. So, go! Because Helsinki is home to a variety of fascinating attractions, you won’t want to leave without your camera.

As you are about to go on a thrilling two-hour walk around some of the most intriguing locations in Helsinki, we suggest that you bring along a pair of light shoes that is comfortable to walk in.

You will be picked up from the lobby of your Stockholm hotel in the afternoon by the driver, who will then transport you to the harbour of Stockholm. At check-in for the Helsinki ferry, be sure to bring both your passport and the voucher you were given; the friendly staff will then direct you to your cabin.

The members of the ship’s crew are known to give particular attention to the aspects that our clients appreciate the most. The most significant alterations have been made to the ship’s stores, spa, and restaurants. One feature that sticks out in particular is the ship’s promenade, which gives passengers the impression that they are walking along a genuine city street since it runs the whole length of the ship.

On the cruise ship there are a few different dining options available to passengers. One of them is called the Promenade Bar, and it is an excellent location for getting together with friends in a warm and inviting setting before going to dinner at one of the restaurants, such as Happy Lobster or El Capitan.

Sea ​​pub. A pub in the traditional English manner that focuses on serving beer, cider, and whiskey. In addition to your go-to brand, this place has a plethora of other beers to choose from, many of which are likely to be unique and hard-to-find types. You may take a rest, observe the other guests, or have a wonderful time drinking beer or cider in the company of friendly people in the warm and inviting environment of the pub.

For the duty free shopping lovers there is a large tax-free store located on two decks. In addition to that, there is a nightclub that has live entertainment as well as a casino!

Day 2. Helsinki Tour

Breakfast. You may sample a wide selection of cuisine if you dine at the Grande Buffet restaurant. We propose to broaden your “culinary horizons” so that you may get familiar not only with the food of Scandinavia but also with the cuisine of Asia.

The tables that are used to serve the food have been sectioned off into several areas so that each passenger may choose the dishes in the order that is most convenient for him. In addition to vegetables and Italian antipasti, we provide a varied selection of cheeses, fish, and Tex-Mex cuisine.

Helsinki Cathedral of Assumption

Desserts are deserving of particular focus and consideration. There is a special table for children, at which the younger passengers may find their preferred meals, such as meatballs and other foods.

The ship is scheduled to arrive in the heart of Helsinki around 10:30 local time.
Our tour guides can’t wait to tell you everything about one of the most amazing cities in the north.

During our walk, you will not only see well-known locations in Helsinki, but also spots that are not nearly as well known to the public.

We will walk you through the history of the city, point out the most stunning structures in the affluent neighbourhood, ensure that you explore the Senate and Market Squares, and provide you with other helpful information on how to spend your free time in Helsinki.

Our trip is perfect for those who have just arrived in Helsinki for the first time as well as those who have been here before and have already fallen in love with this beautiful city.

We will not only take you to some interesting local sites, but we will also let you experience the rhythm and mood of the area, as well as provide some insider information that is only known to the people who live there.

View of the market square in Helsinki

Postmodern architecture in Finland, prominent squares, and the Church in the rock.

Our guides live in Helsinki and know many stories about this city. During the tour, in addition to learning about the history of this city, you will also get information about other fascinating things of Finland.

We are going to take a stroll around the more upscale areas of the city, where you will get the opportunity to people-watch as well as take in the city’s historic architecture. We will give you an in-depth explanation of the Art Nouveau style, sometimes known as Finnish postmodern, and show you some of its most shining examples.

Once we’ve walked through the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods, we’ll go to the Senate and Market Squares. You will not only get to view the Cathedral and the Church of the Assumption, but you will also hear interesting tales not just about the people who now live in Helsinki, but also about the people who have praised the glory of the capital of Finland in the past. If you are interested, we can take you to a remarkable location known as the Church in the rock.

And we will finish our trip by making it as helpful and educational as we possibly can. We will tell you where and what you can purchase in Helsinki, as well as which restaurants provide the tastiest dinners and which coffee shops make the greatest beverages.

Our tour-guiding staff really loves Helsinki, and it will give them great joy to see you acquire the same feelings for it as they do. You will have the opportunity to go shopping as well as freely stroll about the city streets.

Your Stockholm to Helsinki day trip has come to an end. At 17:00, the ship will depart for its return trip to Stockholm. And once more, you will have access to the ship’s restaurants, casinos, and many on-board entertainment options.

Day 3. End of Helsinki Cruise

The evening was a huge success. The next morning, you get good sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy. The port of Stockholm will welcome you at 09:45 in the morning, after breakfast.

You will be met by the driver at the arrivals area, and he will take you to your hotel.

We are grateful that you have chosen Scandinavian Travel. This vacation will leave you with many wonderful memories to look back on.

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Ferry Stockholm – Helsinki – Stockholm
Private walking sightseeing tours in Helsinki
Private harbour transfers in Stockholm
Daily breakfasts

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