1 Day Tour From Rovaniemi to Ice Breaker

1 Day Tour From Rovaniemi to Ice Breaker


A cruise with a great possibility to enjoy the beauty of the Arctic views. This cruise is great for those who want to focus on the arctic sea and ice floating adventure. Enjoy the magical moments in arctic nature surrounded by the icy waters. The tour includes a cruise on the Sampo Icebreaker, presentation of the ship, ice floating and diploma.

Tour program

The mighty Icebreaker Sampo operates on the Gulf of Bothnia right outside the city of Kemi. A cruise on Sampo offers you the most exciting, memorable moments in the Arctic nature.

Sampo is like a moving museum having been built in the 1960s, with the transformation to the current Cruise Icebreaker retaining its original form as close as possible from the engine room up to the Captain’s Bridge.

Every passenger on board will surely feel the by-gone glory of the vessel even today. Sampo is one of its kinds in the world – an Icebreaker offering most incredible sea-adventure with ice floating experience.

A delicious lunch  will be served for you during your day tour to Kemi. Aboard and guided tour, most likely on your own language, is included in the cruise.  The tour takes you from the Captain’s bridge all the way down to the engine rooms.You can also wander around the vessel and get to know all the parts by yourself.
While the huge vessel cruises across the frozen sea, you may admire the beauty of vast open ice fields all around, and the ever-changing sky above. The sun may reflect back from the white snow cover, or, as the twilight sets in, it may set down in rays of warm colours of yellow, orange and red, even lilac.
Before returning to the port, the ship will make a one-hour stop to enable each visitor to participate in the swimming event, comfortably dressed in survival suits. At the end of this unique cruise experience, the crew will present the Sampo Cruise Certificate to each and every one.

Good to know:

At 09:00 or 06:15 a bus will pick you up from the bus stop in Rovaniemi and will drop you off at the same location at 18:30 or 16:30.

Icebreaker Sampo is located in the Port of Ajos in Kemi, situated 11 km / 15 minute drive south from Kemi city centre.

During the cruise we recommend you to dress in layered, warm outerwear in order to stay comfortable both inside the Icebreaker as well as out on the deck. In conjunction of the swimming/floating event, the ice and weather conditions permitting, clients may be allowed to walk on the ice also. You will stay warm in survival suits and they will keep you floating without knowing how to swim. Due to safety reasons, about 15 clients are allowed to go floating amongst the ice at the same time. Your personal floating time is mentioned in the tailored cruise timetable you receive upon the arrival. Swimming/ floating event is voluntary, though we highly recommend this utterly unique experience. Please note: a minimum height for swimming/ floating is 145 cm.

  • Round trip bus transfer from Rovaniemi to Kemi
  • 3,5 hour cruise on Sampo ice breaker (depends on date)
  • Lunch
  • Tour of the ship
  • Ice swimming in the Baltic sea
  • Snow castle entrance (opens on 18 January)
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