Northern Europe for 8 days. Tallinn, Turku, and Finnish Lapland

Northern Europe for 8 days. Tallinn, Turku, and Finnish Lapland

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Comfortable ferry over the Baltic Sea
Comfortable overnight train in Finland
Arctic Circle crossing ceremony
Private guided tours

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Relax and take a break from the monotony of your daily routine and the stresses of everyday life. Join us on a journey to the Nordic countries and learn about the rich culture, history, etiquette, and traditions of the people who live in Sweden, Finland, Lapland, and Estonia. Book a trip with us and get to know the value of the landscape in the Nordic countries.

Tourists in Helsinki

A 8-day tour of these countries will enrich you with impressions and charge you with positive emotions.

The trip provides a high degree of comfort, engaging excursions led by highly knowledgeable experts, hotels located in the heart of the city, and comfortable transportation.

The trip features a high level of interesting, engaging excursions led by highly skilled guides, centrally located accommodations, and comfortable transportation.

View of Tallinn

Transfer to harbour

Ferry to Helsinki

Entertainment on board

You will be picked up from your hotel by the driver, who will then transport you to the port of Stockholm. Once you arrive at the reception, you will be handed the cabin key and your voyage has started. Your journey to Helsinki will take place aboard a gorgeous, contemporary, and comfortable liner.

On board, there are a number of restaurants that provide upscale eating. There’s a grocery on board, so if you’ve had enough of the city and want to eat in your cabin, you can stock up on supplies.

Duty-free stores have a wide variety of apparel, footwear, cosmetics, and other accessories for the fashion industry.

It would be a shame to miss the evening’s scheduled entertainment. You will carry with you unforgettable memories of this day thanks to the entrancing musical programme!

On this ship, the accommodations are roomy, spotless, and really comfy. Each cabin includes its own unique air conditioning system, as well as a shower, a toilet, a television, and a telephone.

Old Tallinn sightseeing tour

Ferry to Helsinki

The ship is not going to get to the harbour very early in the morning. You will have enough time to get ready in peace, straighten up, and have breakfast before you have to go. The breakfast buffet is fantastic and offers a wide selection of foods, beverages, and sweet treats to choose from.
A driver will greet you at the Helsinki port and transport you to a contemporary and comfortable hotel in the heart of the city.

After check-in at hotel, you will visit Helsinki, the capital and largest city of Finland. On this Helsinki day trip, you’ll see some of the city’s most well-known attractions.

You will go to the Market Square, view the Cathedral, learn the tale of the Clock Tower at the main station, and taste the delicacies in the Old Market, where the pleasant ambiance of the north has been maintained. All of these activities will take place throughout the tour.

Best Places to visit in Helsinki.

The Assumption and Senate Cathedrals, as well as Senate Square, will all be on your itinerary. Learn about the significance of the Havis Amanda Fountain, the city’s iconic landmark, and how it relates to the lives of local schoolchildren.

Tallinn sightseeing

Overnight train to Lapland

In the morning our driver will meet you at hotel reception to bring you to the harbour. So, your 2 hours sail from Helsinki to Tallinn will start.

In Estonia, in the new and contemporary ferry terminal, the tour guide will be waiting for you in the arrivals area. It’s time to go for a stroll on your day trip to Tallinn.

Old Tallinn is located near proximity to the harbour. After a few walk, you will find yourself standing in front of the magnificent gates that guard the mediaeval city.

We will try to impress you with tall tales and fascinating stories as we make our way through the historic neighbourhoods of Lower and Upper Tallinn as we make our way around the city. These tales will focus on the people who have lived in these locations and the activities that have taken place there.

You will learn the reasons why Old Tallinn was thus split, as well as the people who resided in the Lower Town and the Upper Town respectively. When you visit Tallinn, you will realise why it is referred to be the “Knight” of the Baltic Sea.

Following the trip, you will have some free time during which you may have lunch on your own, go for solo hikes, or just relax.

In the evening, you will board a brand-new ship. A high-speed shuttle will transport you back to Helsinki in less than two hours.

The travel to Helsinki will not be boring or difficult in any way. Enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants and stroll around the many stores located on board. There’s a chance you’ll discover a good souvenir there.

Later that night is your travel to Lapland. You make your way toward the Arctic Circle! You are going to be picked up from your hotel by the driver who will take you to the railway station.

And here comes the Santa Claus Express, making noise in pairs on the platform. The train will move softly, the conductor will welcome you, and a magnificent night awaits you on your journey to the far north.

There is a washbasin and air conditioning in every cabin. A private bathroom and shower are included in the cabin that can be found on the second level. On board the train, there is a quaint café where you may relax.

Arrival to Lapland

Midnight sun safari

Midnight sun celebration

In the early hours of the day, you arrive in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, Europe’s most northerly city.

Finland’s Lapland region covers a third of the country’s land area. If the borders of Belgium, Switzerland, and Holland are combined, they will equal the size of Santa Claus’s native country.

Joulupukki is the term given to Santa Claus in Finland (translated as “Christmas goat”). “A long time ago” is written in the “date of birth” column of his passport.

Approximately 600,000 letters are sent to him each year from youngsters throughout the globe.

Santas Lapland is home to around 200,000 reindeer; hence, warning signs that read “Beware of Reindeer!” are prevalent across Northern Finland.

You will be taken from the railway station to your cosy Lapland hotel in the heart of the city upon your arrival in the morning. The afternoon is at your disposal, during which you are free to rest or go out and enjoy the city.

In the evening of your Lapland adventure holidays, you will take a traditional open-air riverboat down the Kemijoki River. Because of the Midnight Sun, you can see all of Nature’s beauty even though it’s dark outside! Your guide will set up a campfire and provide refreshments for you and your group.

Raise a glass of sparkling wine in celebration of Lapland’s evenings and the Midnight Sun before the clock strikes midnight. Return to your accommodation in Rovaniemi will be arranged for you when the trip ends.

Riverboat journey
Reindeer farm

A warm Lappish family welcome

Meeting with
Santa Claus

Arctic Circle crossing ceremony

We will give you a warm welcome to explore the most essential parts of Lapland’s culture and ambience after a great breakfast in your hotel at around 08:00.

Your Lapland summer day begins with a magnificent and refreshing traditional riverboat journey along the rivers Ounasjoki and Kemijoki.

The first stop on the trip is a visit to a typical Lappish family house and workshop. Then you’ll take a riverboat to a nearby reindeer farm to visit the reindeer and learn about this important element of Lappish culture.

During your farm tour, you will be served a delicious Lappish lunch before taking part in the ceremonial Arctic Circle Crossing.

In the afternoon, your journey continues with a vehicle ride to the Rovaniemi Santa Claus Village, a must-see for every tourist, where you will see Santa Claus and have time to shop before being taken back to the city.

Encounter with admiring Nordic husky dogs

Comfortable overnight train to Turku

You’ll have breakfast at your hotel, and then we’ll begin our excursion.

Another method to get to know these lovely creatures and the enchanting atmosphere of Lapland is to go for a walk with their adorable Nordic Husky dogs.

The joyous barking of dogs and their eagerness to get to know you will welcome you as you arrive at the dog farm. You will be introduced to everyone of the dogs by name and informed about their individual behaviours.

Then, in the company of others, you will go on a trek to experience the magnificent beauty of Lapland. At the conclusion of the walk, you will listen to amazing tales around the campfire while eating food and drinking beverages.

The remainder of this summer Lapland excursion is at your pleasure. You may choose to explore Rovaniemi, relax, or join in any of Scandi Travel’s summer safaris and adventures. We can provide advise and support to help you organise the ideal day in Lapland.

Our driver will take you to the Rovaniemi railway station in the evening for your train to Turku.

Private sightseeing tour

Excursion to Turku Castle

Our representative will meet you at the railway station in Turku and drive you to one of the city’s finest hotels. Freshen yourself and relax after an overnight rail travel.

In the afternoon, the guide will meet you in the hotel lobby and you will begin a fascinating informative tour of the final stop of your trip.

Turku places to visit

You will wander about Turku’s downtown and view wooden homes and big structures in the Empire style, as well as the Cathedral and the sumptuous old castle where the royal family resided. We’ll tell you what makes Turku unique among Finnish cities and let you in on its most well-kept secrets!

You will see the historic castle where Sweden’s royal family formerly resided. You will discover how, in those distant days, the Renaissance style reigned in the castle’s interiors, talks did not cease in the enormous celebratory halls, and the duke and duchess’ court life was heard by the whole kingdom.

You will not only wander about the castle, but will get familiar with its old interiors and daily life: you will visit the dungeons, the ballroom, the king and queen’s quarters, and the bedrooms of the ladies-in-waiting.

We’ll also show you what dishes they ate from and what costumes and decorations the castle’s people wore.

The car will bring you to the port early in the morning. The last leg of your journey awaits you: the ship from Turku to Stockholm. On board, you may relax, visit the spa, go shopping, and enjoy a variety of eateries. The ship will arrive in Stockholm at 18:15.

We hope that the outcome of our efforts was a good mood and happy memories of an adventurous journey to Northern European countries!

Prices Include

Trips by ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn, Tallinn to Helsinki, and Turku to Stockholm in the cabins of your choice
Comfortable overnight train to Lapland with accommodation in twin cabins
Accommodation in a 4* centrally located hotels
Buffet breakfast on board the ferry and in hotels
Private sightseeing in Tallinn, Helsinki, Turku
Safaris in Lapland
Private transfers as per itinerary

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1 review for Northern Europe for 8 days. Tallinn, Turku, and Finnish Lapland

  1. by Alex and Fiona from Scotland

    My partner Fiona and I, Alex, recently embarked on the Northern Europe trip with Scandi Travel, and it was nothing short of spectacular. From the moment we boarded the ferry in Stockholm, we were met with top-notch hospitality and comfort. The journey across the Baltic Sea set the tone for the adventure ahead, offering delightful onboard entertainment and dining experiences.

    Our exploration of Helsinki was a perfect blend of modern charm and historical richness. We marveled at the architecture, especially the grandeur of the Senate Square and the bustling Market Square. The guided tour was comprehensive, yet allowed us the freedom to enjoy some leisure time and explore at our own pace.

    Tallinn was like stepping back in time. The medieval old town, with its cobblestone streets and stunning gates, was enchanting. The stories shared by our guide added depth to the beauty we were witnessing. After a day of exploring, returning to the comforts of our hotel was always a welcome reprieve.

    The overnight train to Lapland was a unique highlight. The Santa Claus Express provided a cozy and picturesque journey to the Arctic Circle. Waking up in Rovaniemi, the heart of Lapland, was a magical experience. The Midnight Sun Safari was mesmerizing; the natural beauty of the landscape illuminated by the never-setting sun is something we will never forget.

    Visiting a traditional Lappish family and a reindeer farm provided a heartfelt glimpse into the local culture. The Arctic Circle crossing ceremony was a fun and memorable event, and meeting Santa Claus in his village was a delightful experience that brought out the child in both of us.

    The final leg of our journey took us to Turku, where we were charmed by the city’s rich history and architecture. The tour of Turku Castle was particularly fascinating, offering a deep dive into the region’s royal past.

    Throughout the trip, the accommodations were excellent, the guides were knowledgeable and friendly, and the itinerary was perfectly balanced between structured tours and free time. Scandi Travel exceeded our expectations, and we returned to Scotland with wonderful memories and a profound appreciation for the beauty and culture of Northern Europe. We highly recommend this trip to anyone seeking a well-rounded and unforgettable travel experience.

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