Island Hopping Arctic Expedition

Island Hopping Arctic Expedition

Dive into the authentic Arctic with the Island Hopping adventure. A snowmobile-drawn sleigh ride takes you to and from the Arctic Adventure Island, where you’ll explore the beautiful surroundings on skis and enjoy a hearty lunch in a Sami hut.

Tour program

Roam around the Arctic islands to the south of Lapland on this fun-filled Arctic expedition – suitable for ages 12 and above. Relax in your sleigh, as you’re pulled along by a snowmobile from Kemi to the Arctic Adventure Island. It’s here you will be equipped with skis, ready to explore the vast Arctic woods. Ready to go? Embark on an unforgettable adventure around the unique icy environment, before enjoying a lunch of delicious Finnish sausages in an authentic Sami hut. Once you’re fully indulged and warmed up, you will be returned to the city on another snowmobile-drawn sleigh-ride.

Get your skis on to embrace the Arctic in the best way possible:
• Take a sleigh ride to and from the adventure island
• Hop from one island to another on specialised skis
• Get an up-close view of the amazing Arctic woods
Enjoy a delicious Finnish lunch in an authentic Sami hut

Snowmobile-drawn sleigh ride to and from the islands
Skiing equipment and protective clothing
Finnish sausage lunch in a Sami hut on the islands


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