Husky Hiking – Summer Husky Safari in Lapland’s Wilderness


Explore the local wilderness on this most invigorating summer tour in Lapland with this easy husky safari as you hike accompanied by gorgeous, friendly dogs.

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Husky Hiking – explore a pocket of Lapland’s wilderness with a team of friendly working husky dogs…

Are you a dog lover? Are you a nature lover? Then this is the trip for you! Set out on this exciting and invigorating two hour summer Lapland tour. You will hike an easy trail in the company of a team of friendly and energetic local husky dogs. Hiking with huskies is a great way to learn about an aspect of Lappish culture as well as immersing yourself in the amazing Lappish wilderness!

You will be driven by car to a local husky farm near Rovaniemi where you will be greeted by friendly and excited barking. The huskies who will accompany you on your hike will be ready and eagerly waiting for you to arrive, and as soon as your human guide gives you some information about them you will be ready to set off. Learn the dogs’ names and about the work they do as you walk through the wilderness with these happy, friendly furry guides!

The route is an easy hike of approximately thirty minutes. Along the trail, you will see woodlands, berries, flowers, and maybe even some small local animals and birds. After the short hike, you will return to the husky farm to reward the huskies with some well-earned food, before you settle in for some refreshments by the open fire prior to your transfer back to your hotel.


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  • All safaris include outdoor clothing (rubber boots/hiking shoes and rain cloaks) and guide services in English.


Not included:

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  • Hotel accommodation (we can arrange this for you at extra cost)


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14:00 - 16:00, min 2 adults
Price: € 76
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