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Tips for Travelling with Children

Whether you are embarking on a Baltic Cruise, taking a Lapland trip to meet Santa Claus, exploring the cities of Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn or St Petersburg, or otherwise adventuring in the North, it has to be said that travelling with children presents both thrills and challenges.


Here are some very basic tips to get you started when you plan a vacation with your children…


  • Ask your travel company for advice and ideas
  • Make sure you are covered as a family with travel insurance
  • Book accommodation, transport, and tours/activities ahead!
  • Choose accommodation that is appropriate; for example, adjoining rooms with enough beds for everyone.
  • Choose a balance of activities to please both adults and children. Every activity on your trip need not be child-centric, but make sure there are plenty of fun things to interest and to do for kids as well as what the adults like.
  • Take some quiet toys along, especially to meal times: for example, card games, handheld electronic games, a book etc.
  • Take advantage of kids activity centres and kids clubs
  • Remember to schedule some “down time”. Kids (and adults!) get worn out, and tired children can quickly become horrors if pushed too far. Make some time to simply relax.
  • Take supplies from home, such as paracetamol, anti-nausea and anti-diarrhoea medications – just in case.
  • Take antibacterial hand gel and wipes along
  • If travelling to the Baltic region in summer, remember to take insect repellent and a hat; sunscreen is needed year-round.
  • Always use safety restraints in the car when travelling.
  • If travelling though busy airports, stations, or even on a day out in a busy city, write your contact number on your child’s arm in marker pen just in case they get lost.
  • Pack for the conditions. Children need to be kept warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Encourage older children to keep a travel journal
  • Don’t forget to visit Santa Claus! No child, given the opportunity, should miss out on this magical experience, especially while they are young enough to fully embrace the wonder that is the Rovaniemi Santa Claus Village.


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