The Charming Town of Porvoo


Many of the trips and tours we offer here at Scandi Travel begin or end in Helsinki. Finland’s capital city, Helsinki had many attractions of its own which warrant some time spent enjoying them, and it is also a wonderful base for some lovely day trips either before or after your Lapland trip or tour of St Petersburg.


One highly recommended day trip from Helsinki, which we not only recommend but offer, is a day trip to the ancient city of Porvoo.


Porvoo is the second oldest town in Finland, and it offers a unique and timeless atmosphere to visitors. With a population of fifty thousand people, it is just fifty kilometres east of Helsinki and as such it is so easy to make a day trip.


Porvoo dates from the thirteenth century, when the ancient castle and parish were built. It was one of six mediaeval towns to be established in Middle Ages Finland. On the junction of river and ocean, it was an important trading post. In the 1600’s, timber, butter, dried fish and linen were exported from Porvoo to Germany and beyond. It retains its charm of yesteryear and the locals are extremely welcoming.


What does Porvoo have to offer the tourist?

  • Old Town of Porvoo, which is a maze-like mosaic of cobbled streets and buildings dating from the 1800’s.


  • Red Shore Houses on the Porvoonjoki shore, built in the 1800’s and painted red in honour of King Gustav III of Sweden.


  • Paddle on the Porvoonjoki River


  • Visit the Iso Linnamaki Fortress, and Iron Age burial site


  • Enjoy sledging in winter and picnicking in summer


  • Cycle trails surrounding the city


  • Porvoo Cathedral and Porvoo Museum


  • Brunberg Candy Factory


  • Traditional Finnish Sauna


  • Outstanding dining options, from well established and elegant restaurants to quaint cafes and trendy modern eateries. You can even find reindeer pizza!


Porvoo might be an ancient city, but it has a very contemporary mindset. It is committed to environmental sustainability, and its mission is to ultimately become Finland’s most energy-efficient city.


Contact Scandi Travel today and let us make your visit to Porvoo, whether for a day or for a week, happen soon.

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