Souvenir Must-Haves from Helsinki

18 May
Helsinki shops

Perhaps a surprise to many who’ve not yet visited this lovely city, Helsinki is a haven for shopping. From Pohjoisesplanadi Street in the centre of the city, and the Stockmann department store at its end, to Finnish design stores like Marimekko nearer the sea front, there are a myriad of options for finding that special souvenir.

Are you wondering what souvenirs and specialties to buy in Helsinki? Wonder no more…

Wooden Mugs are a fantastic keepsake from Finland. Made from varying types of wood, they may be plain and elegant, intricately carved, or painted with reindeer. Used decoratively or for drinking hot beverages, they are a great gift.

Finnish Knives are also a famous souvenir and very popular (but check customs restrictions for your home nation first). Of a range of sizes, shapes, styles, and colours, handles are frequently engraved with Finnish animals or birdlife.

Finnish Plaid is renowned worldwide and is made into blankets, scarves, sweaters, shirts, and much more.

Lappish Hats are a popular gift for children. These colourful hats, a great piece of memorabilia from Lapland holidays, are also known as “Four Winds Hats”. They are a version of the traditional Sami hat which, like a Scot’s tartan, represents a man’s clan. Originally based on a Russian pattern, these hats are divided into four parts representing the four corners of the world. The base is strikingly embroidered.

Jewellery, Handicrafts, Figurines, and Glass Birds – often representing deer, elk, or reindeer, nature is the inspiration for many souvenirs.

Canned Reindeer Meat! – like the Japanese have sushi, the Finns have reindeer meat – it is a delicacy that must be tried at least once.

Lapin Kulta Beers – a Finnish favourite that dates back to 1873, this beverage apparently is soothing to aching muscles.

Salmiakki Candies – another local treat, this candy has a salty liquorice flavour, combining sweet and sour.

Where to shop?

Stockmann is Helsinki’s oldest and largest department store, and has other branches in Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. You name it, it can probably be bought here.

Arabia Factory Shop for authentic ceramics and glassware.

Marimekko offers affordable apparel; tableware; products made of reindeer skins, horns, and bones; wooden items; and home decor.

Lountokauppa is a nature store which sells items based on Finland’s natural beauty. Books, CDs, sweets, garments, sauna items, and decorative goods are all found in this appealing shop.

Wander through the streets of Helsinki and be enchanted by the plethora of shopping options – from large department stores to eclectic boutiques. You may even need extra luggage to get all your goodies home!