Romantic St Petersburg

St Petersburg

There is nothing quite like a romantic getaway for two, and St Petersburg in Russia is filled with an atmosphere of romance. Imperial architecture, blooming gardens, a maze of canals, fine dining,  and many other aspects of this beautiful city lend themselves to special times for couples.

Arguably the most romantic place in St Petersburg, the Potseluev Bridge (or “Bridge of Kisses”) is said to bring good luck to lovers. According to legend, kissing on a drawn bridge that parts to open brings lovers bad luck. In contrast, the Potseluev Bridge over the Moyka River is solid cast and said to bring nothing but good fortune to lovers who kiss there.

The first bridge at this location was known as the Coloured Bridge; it was a wooden structure built in 1738. It gradually grew in size over the ensuing years to accommodate growing volumes of traffic. Stone supports were built.

According to legend, the Posteluev Bridge lay on the city border in the 1700’s, and as such it was the location of many a farewell for those who had to leave the city. It is also traditionally the site of trysts between star crossed lovers who had to meet in secret.

According to local tradition, one kissed anyone they met on the bridge.

A new bridge was completed in 1916, and again revamped in the 1960’s. It is now a solid bridge with granite obelisks and decorative railings.

Today the bridge is not only an attraction for lovers; it is also a wonderful background for photos, with the panorama of St Isaac’s Cathedral behind it.

Another romantic aspect of St Petersburg is the legendary White Nights. This natural and unusual phenomenon occurs throughout June, when the sun never sets entirely and the sky is bathed in a mysterious twilight during what would otherwise be hours of darkness.

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