Visit Russia

Just a short distance from Helsinki is the Russian border. A vacation in Russia is an extravaganza of sights and culture like nowhere else in the world. Scandi Travel is proud to offer options for St Petersburg holidays and even the opportunity for city sightseeing Moscow. Whether you choose to join a cruise from Helsinki, or take our tour which begins in St Petersburg, you will be delighted by the majestic scenery, the outstanding and unique architecture, and the other sights, sounds, and tastes particular to this amazing country.

The remnants of Imperialism and the Tsars, the Soviet rule, and modern Russian culture coexist and offer an enormous range of experiences not to be missed. Must-see attractions that we bring you to include St Petersburg’s Peter and Paul Fortress, Catherine Palace and the Amber Room, Moscow’s Kremlin, Red Square… and much more. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

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