Preparing for Your Winter Adventure: Clothes for Your Lapland Trip

Lapland clothing

Scandi Travel’ clothing for Lapland

At Scandi Travel, we provide all the thermal clothing listed above for our Lapland trips – with any exceptions well-marked in the tour description. All our Lapland tours start at the office, located at the very centre of the city, a 3-10 minute walk from most hotels. It’s here, before the safari departure, that clothing is given out to customers.

We have a special dressing room and clothes rack where you can leave any clothes while you’re on your trip. Even better, if you book three or more excursions, we’ll let you keep the warm, thermal clothing from your first Lapland trip to the last one while you stay in Rovaniemi.

The best Lapland adventures

Whether you want to visit the reindeer in their natural habitat, or take a trip to witness the spectacular northern lights, Scandi Travel can give you the ultimate Lapland experience. Providing all the essential Lapland clothing, we make sure you’re fully equipped for your trip – which is sure to be completely unforgettable. Take a look at our range of Lapland excursions to find the perfect one for you!

Wrapping up

So, which clothes do we give you to wear on Lapland safaris?

Thick woollen socks – you might think your socks keep your feet warm, but the arctic takes temperatures down to another level
Boots – A good pair of hard-wearing, warm boots is essential in cold, snowy and icy conditions
Overalls – These will help keep you warm and keep your clothes dry when you’re exploring snowy environments with cold winds
Mittens – When you’re riding a snowmobile you need some proper protection for your hands
Hat and scarf – The head and chest are most sensitive to temperature so it’s important to keep them warm.
Balaclava and helmet – When you’re moving at speed through cold environments, the air feels much colder. It’s essential to protect your head from this cold, as well as having a helmet for safety.

Lapland Safari Winter Clothing Provision

Travelers clad in complimentary, insulated winter clothing provided by Scandi Travel for a comfortable Lapland safari experience.
Embrace the Arctic chill with our high-quality, warm winter gear – provided to all travelers to ensure a cozy and safe safari adventure in the enchanting snowscapes of Lapland.

Wondering what clothes to wear in Lapland? Wonder no more. We’re here to help you out, with all the information you need on the right Lapland clothing. Winter can get cold in the Arctic – so it’s essential to have the right clothing ready for your trip. Read on to see what clothes you need for your trip to Lapland and what you’ll get from us.

When do you need thermal clothing in Lapland?

Unlike some other holidays, you will need thermal clothing for all kinds of excursions in Lapland. From a husky or reindeer safari to the northern lights trip – it’s essential to wrap up well. That’s especially the case in the winter months from December to March, when aver average temperatures drop below zero. But all year round, these trips take you to colder parts of the Arctic, or out into the night for the northern lights, so it’s important to be prepared with the right Lapland clothing whatever time of year you visit.

What should you wear?

Don’t worry – you don’t have to bring your own overalls. Equipment will be provided. But to start, you need to ensure you have the right Lapland clothing on for your trip. Here’s how to dress:

  • Thermal underwear – preferably long to cover more of your legs
  • Layer up with cotton socks underneath woollen socks
  • Loose-fitting trousers made from fleece or cotton
  • A loose-fitting cotton shirt – preferably with a high collar
  • On top of your shirt, wear a wool sweater or fleece
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