Lapland Photos – 6 Essential Snaps for Your Lappish Adventure

As one of the most majestic places on Earth, Lapland is the ultimate hot spot for photographers and visitors who love to take snaps. Whether it’s the incredible colours that illuminate the sky or the remarkable sun rise that never ends in the summer, you’ll always need your camera handy to capture the most unforgettable sights.

Covering almost one-third of Finland – and reaching out into Sweden, Norway and Russia – means that the beauty of Lapland is hard to convey in a few solitary snaps. To get the full scope of its awe-inspiring grandeur, you’ve got to take as many photos as humanly possible in the timeframe of your trip.

But, what if you only had to take a handful of images? If you couldn’t leave without six photos – what would they be? In our years documenting the area, we’ve found breath-taking pics that shock and surprise us to this day.

Read on as we look at six Lapland photos that truly set the bar for this stunning part of the world.

1. The Aurora Borealis

Also known as the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis is a spectacular natural light show that you can only find in certain regions within the Arctic circle. Every trip should include a hunt for the elusive phenomenon, whether it’s a seven-day tour via Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Kemi or a one-day trip to Lapland.

The best way to remember your unforgettable experience is to capture it on film so that the vivid hues of the solar winds stay as bright in your mind as they are in the night sky on that epic day. The mesmerising lights are splendid, but hard to snap in all their glory. You’ll need a tripod to stabilise your equipment and zoom-out into the abyss.

2. Santa Claus

There are thousands of Father Christmas tributes around the globe, but the only authentic Mr Claus lives in Lapland, surrounded by his glorious reindeer companions and loyal worker elves. So, it would be remiss to be a guest in his country without paying the proper respects and going to see him at work.

Whether you hop on the train that takes you throughout the winding valleys and fjords hugged by crystal blue water or trek to Santa’s grotto, the famous Finnish hospitality is available to all. A photo with St Nicholas is especially essential if you’re on a family holiday with small children. Of course, adults will channel their inner child when they see the full white beard and big belly of the mythical Father Christmas!

3. Lapland’s wildlife

Nowhere in the world can boast the plethora of wildlife that Lapland can. Due to the ever-changing conditions, the animals morph from insulated and furry to sleek and compact to suit the weather. It doesn’t matter whether you make the once-in-a-lifetime trip in the summer or wintertime. The creatures are as captivating regardless.

If you want the full winter wonderland experience, it’s vital to land when the famous Arctic snowfall is at its deepest. Your Lapland photos can include a pack of huskies dragging you on a sledge for ten kilometres or a group of reindeer marauding clumsily-yet-effectively through dense forest and undergrowth. It’s wise to keep a camera forever by your side as you never know what creatures will be lurking in the canopies or their snow huts.

4. The SnowHotel

A bar constructed from ice belongs in a fairy tale or on the silver screen, not in real life. Yet, that’s the special nature of Lapland – your dreams are also your reality. Welcome to the SnowHotel – an establishment dedicated to the skilful art of ice building.

Inside, not only will you find a fully functioning bar made from frozen water, but there are sculptures, artwork, and corridors too. Probably the most unique part of the SnowHotel is the bedrooms that are chiselled out of ice – a stand-out Lapland photo for sure. It’s a little cold, but it’s worth wrapping up in your cosy clothes to experience the otherworldly accommodation that is Lapland’s SnowHotel and live in an opulent igloo, not unlike the indigenous Sami people.

5. The midnight sun

While the region is notorious for its special winters, it also does summer differently to the rest of the planet. In the Arctic circle, the sun never sets for six months of the year, from the start of spring to the end of the summer. It’s an almost alien-like feature that is impossible to wrap your head around until you see it in person.

Once you do, the sun-kissed orange and yellow hues will take your breath away as you sit watching a star that isn’t visible anywhere else in the northern hemisphere. There are inexhaustible opportunities for more Lapland photos, from reindeer grazing on a midnight feast to the locals working away into the small hours. One of the best has to be Saana fell, a distinctive hill that is usually white, but which takes on kaleidoscopic shades of pink and orange from May to June.

6. Local food

Don’t waste your film or storage space on normal cuisine that you can find pretty much everywhere around the world. In Lapland, your itinerary must include a Sami feast that consists of some of the most bizarre and delicious treats you’ll ever see.

Reindeer is at the top of the list, as the frugal and industrious locals show the animals the ultimate respect by not wasting anything. Then, there is whole fried fish served in a garlic sauce with bread cheese and berries. Plus, you can’t leave without sampling, and snapping, Lakka, a saffron-coloured wild cloudberry that has to be tasted to be believed.

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