Lapland Holidays: a Different Vacation!

07 Dec
Winter packages in Lapland

The northern hemisphere enjoys winter over the Christmas season and the New Year; those fortunate enough to vacation at this time of year will invariably travel to warmer climes to escape the cold – unless, of course, snowsports hold appeal, in which case there are dozens of ski resorts in many countries to explore and enjoy! But what about those who want to do something a little different?  Lapland holidays might be the thing for you!

The word “Lapland” invariably conjures images of snow, reindeer, and, of course, Santa Claus. But there is so much more to Lapland holidays than Father Christmas and sleigh rides. The area is rich in majestic scenery and natural phenomena that can be experienced nowhere else in the whole world.

Lapland is a cultural and geographical region, mostly within the Arctic Circle, and it stretches across Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. It is the home to the indigenous Sami people. For tourism purposes, “Lapland” refers to the area within Sweden and Finland. Lapland is surprisingly large: Finnish Lapland covers an area larger than Portugal, and its entirety is serene, with the scenic majesty of fells, lakes, wooded forests and marshes.

A holiday in Lapland has much to offer the tourist, and the experience differs dramatically depending upon the season during which the visit takes place. The summer season brings with it the amazing endless day of the Midnight Sun, and the animals, birds and insects that come to life during these milder months;  winter delivers the Polar Night, a quietening within nature, and the magical wonder of the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights.

Lapland holidays are wonderful for adventurers and cultural enthusiasts alike. There are experiences to stimulate the senses and getting active is also a real treat in this stark and unique landscape. Lovers of culture can embrace the local Sami customs, legends, and cuisines; nature lovers will be able to enjoy the wildlife native to the area in parks and zoos. There are hiking trails, bicycling routes,  and trips to wilderness areas, as well as opportunities for winter treats such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, husky dog sled safaris, Northern Lights tours, ice rally driving, igloo accommodation; the opportunities are endless.

No trip to Lapland would be complete without a visit to the Santa Claus Village at Rovianemi, in Finnish Lapland. This magical wonderland is a memorable experience for the entire family, the highlight of which is the opportunity to meet the real Santa Claus in his home environment. There are even elves and reindeer to meet. Believers young and old will be enthralled by this unforgettable day trip.

For anyone wanting to get off the beaten track, and participate in a truly amazing and unique experience, why not explore the many Lapland holidays options available? You will be very glad you did.