Why a Kirkenes King Crab Safari is Guaranteed to Reel You In

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Exciting, fascinating and – most importantly – unforgettable. The King Crab Safari in Kirkenes is one of the many remarkable wonders that Scandinavia has to offer. It’s rare that a tour combines informative with exhilarating, but that’s exactly what the King Crab Safari is all about. So what does it involve, and when should you go? Read on to find out.

The perfect location

The Arctic King Crab is native to the Bering Sea, near Alaska, where they’ve seen a steady decline in population since around 2000. In the Barents Sea, however, the King Crab is becoming more and more prevalent. Norway’s long stretching coast rises up to border the Barents Sea in the North, which is why Norway is the perfect location to experience the creatures in their natural habitat.

This fascinating crustacean is also something of a Scandanavian delicacy. It’s served in top restaurants across Scandanavia, as well as some parts of Central Europe. Given its location, Norway

in particular is known for its King Crab cuisine.

So what is the safari?

On the King Crab Safari, even the transport is exciting! You’ll enjoy a sleigh ride over to a frozen fjord, home to the King Crabs. Enjoy the scenery as the snowmobile does all the work pu

lling you through the icy landscape. It gets even better when you arrive, as you get to take part in catching the huge creatures. Get a taste of the Norwegian fishermen’s fascinating work as you try sawing a hole in the ice and catching your own King Crab.

The fun doesn’t stop there. You then witness how the fabulous creature is prepared, before being taken on your sleigh back to a stunning lakeside farmhouse. The stimulating expedition through Northern Norway continues as you are greeted by a gorgeous king crab meal. Enjoy the succulent white meat with its natural sweetness as you relax after a day that’s sure to live long in the memory.

How to plan your trip?

This isn’t the kind of trip you can do independently. Luckily, there are some fabulous packages on offer. Scandi Travel offer the {{King Crab Safari as part of an incredible Winter Tour}} [add link to tour when live].

It includes a night at one of the most unique and encapsulating hotels in the world. The Kirkenes Snow Hotel features snow suites with ice beds and enchanting snow sculptures on the walls. See walls of snow that act as an insulator, keeping the temperatures at around -4 degrees, despite the -30 degree temperature outside. The ice beds are comfier than they sound too. A comfortable mattress sits on top of the amazing ice structure that makes up the base of the bed. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, which pairs perfectly with the unique King Crab Safari.

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