The Magical Snow Igloo Village Kakslauttanen

30 Aug

Igloo village

The amazing Hotel Kakslauttanen, high in the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, offers a range of accommodation and recreation options. These experiences are once-in-a-lifetime treats, and a memorable stay is guaranteed whether the visitor chooses to stay in a log cabin, enjoy a night in a unique glass igloo, or to spend the night in an authentic snow igloo.

Snow Igloos are traditionally associated with the Inuit People of Arctic Canada (in the past they were called Eskimos), though they have been constructed over the centuries by all peoples living in the Arctic Circle. Snow makes a surprising but effective insulator: air pockets get trapped within the snow structure and the body heat of the occupants is enough to provide a warmer space, despite the well-below-freezing temperature outside.

At the Igloo Village Kakslauttanen, snow igloos and other ice-and-snow structures are rebuilt every winter. Located near the Log Cabin village, the Igloo Village boasts snow igloo accommodations, glass igloo accommodations, an Ice Chapel, Ice Bar, Ice Sculpture Gallery, and the largest Snow Restaurant in the world.

Picture yourself sleeping comfortably whilst surrounded completely by snow! Even your bed is made from snow – but you won’t be cold. This enchanting and breathtaking atmosphere, with its profound silence and mystical lighting effects on the walls of your igloo, will give you an amazingly (and perhaps, unexpectedly) deep and restful sleep. You’re provided with the warmest of down sleeping bags (which are graded to minus 32 degrees Celsius), woollen socks and a hood. Though the temperature outside may plunge to more than thirty degrees below zero, the temperature inside your igloo will always be between -3 and -6 degrees Celsius. It’s recommended that visitors choosing to sleep in a snow igloo wear a layer of thermal underwear and have a small snack (like chocolate) just before getting into the sleeping bag – this will ensure the warmest and most comfortable experience possible.

Room in igloo village

The hot saunas and showers are a short walk from the igloos. There is also the opportunity, for the adventurous or brave traveller, to take a dip in an ice hole in the nearby river. Very refreshing!

At the Snow Igloo Village at Kakslauttanen, there are sixty beds available in snow igloos. The snow igloos can each sleep between one and five persons – great for families. These igloos are open from December/January each year (depending on weather conditions) and closes at the end of April.

A winter visit to Lapland and the Arctic Circle would not be complete without experiencing the rare treat of staying in an igloo. Not only is it a fabulous sleepover to write home about and a great memory to treasure, it is a fantastic nod to another time, another place, and another culture which most people don’t ever get to enjoy. We can’t recommend it highly enough!