The Greatest Northern Lights Photos Ever!

14 Jul
Calling all travel enthusiasts with a passion for photography.

Have you ever taken or seen a fantastic photo of the Northern Lights? Because we’re searching for the number one image – that perfect moment captured – the one that beats all the rest. “Ridiculous!” you may say, “There isn’t one photo of the aurora borealis that’s beats all the rest.” We agree of course, it will be like comparing red and blue.

Don’t’ worry – this is just for fun. We’re writing a lighthearted blog about our favourite Northern Lights photos on the web. If you’ve taken a great shot or seen one, we want to hear from you. All we need to know (if possible) is: who took the shot, the image’s URL and an URL for one of the photographer’s social profiles. Pop these in the comments section below and Bobs your Uncle. We’ll do the rest.

What do you win? Prestige, glory and respect … and a shout-out in the Scandi Travel blog of course.

Here is a great shot to get us started:

Captured by Shannon Bileski (@shannbil), a Canadian photographer, this is a shot of a meteor shooting through the aurora borealis. It was taken on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. Cool, huh?

Good luck – we look forward to seeing your photo.