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Great Finland Hiking Areas

Getting out and embracing nature and new places is one of the best things about travelling, and Finland is tailor-made for enjoying the great outdoors. Obviously Lapland trips in winter offer a myriad of snow sports and activities, but even outside winter, Lapland and southern Finland offer spectacular opportunities to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine.


While walking tours and exploring cities and towns is great, there is also a wide array of fantastic hikes in the wilderness to be enjoyed. There are nine designated hiking areas in Finland; seven of these are state-owned and managed. Unspoilt wilderness with thousands of lakes and islands make for an enchanting experience for hikers and nature enthusiasts.


Here are just a few of the top hiking areas to discover when you visit Finland.


The Karhunkierros Trail

Finland’s most popular hiking trail, the Karhunkierros Trail winds through the Oulanka National Park in Lapland. It leads through the unique hills, pine forests, and along river banks to spectacular places in the Salla and Kuusamo Municipalities. Suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers, the majority of the trail is undemanding terrain. (The most challenging areas of the hike are in the Valtavaara Hill, Ruka Fell, and the Juuma Area). With open huts and campfire sites, the hike can be broken into sections. It is best enjoyed between June and mid-October; during winter choose the Oulanka Wilderness Trail instead for skiing and snowshoeing.


Evo Hiking Area

Southern Finland’s largest forested area, Evo has a charming hiking area with marked trails, shelters, and camping sites, and is perfect for one or two day hiking trips. Fishing is also popular in the area.


Troll Path Syote

Fantastic for children, the Troll Path Syote is a magical adventure trail in a gorgeous natural setting. Look for goblins, faeries and gnomes along the path…


Itaraja Hiking Route

Located in the municipality of Suomussalmi, this route is comprised of one hundred and sixty kilometres of trails and is intended for summer hiking. Explore the wilderness of Martinselkonen and Murhisalo, the Viena Karelian villages, Winter War Memorials, and the Hossa Varikallio rock paintings. Winter offers cross country skiing and a winter hiking route. Choose between hiking the while trail or selecting a smaller section.


Finland has liberal public access laws, which allow everyone to freely roam the countryside and forest areas, regardless of land ownership. And don’t forget – Scandi Travel is here to help with all aspects of your travel planning – from transportation to accommodation and local tips.

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