Discover another World in Inari

Try all winter activities during the Finnish Lapland trip

One of the many places just waiting for you to discover, and which Scandi Travel is proud to guide you to, is Inari in the wilderness of Finland’s Lapland.


Inari is located in the far north of Lapland, and is a village in Finland’s largest and most sparsely populated municipality. It is situated on the banks of Inarijarvi, which is the largest lake in Lapland. This magnificent lake covers more than a thousand square kilometres and contains more than three thousand islands.


Inari is the most important cultural centre for Sami culture. Just some of the attractions of Inari include:


  • Siida Museum – one of the best museums in Finland, the Siida Museum showcases the history and culture of the indigenous Sami people as well as the local environment. There is also an open air museum component of this attraction, including farmhouses and a courthouse.


  • Sajos – the cultural centre and seat of the Finnish Sami parliament, this glass and wood centre is situated in the heart of the village. There is a library, craft shop, exhibition, restaurant, and music archive.


  • Pielpajarven Kirkko, or Wilderness Church, is accessed by a seven and a half kilometre each-way walking track from the Siida carpark. It is a long walk, but worth it; in winter the hike will require snowshoes. The area represents an important historical marketplace for the Sami, and the first church was situated here in 1646. The current church building dates from 1760.


  • Lemmenjoki National Park is one of Europe’s largest national parks and Finland’s largest. The river of the same name runs through it. The national park has forty gold digging claims, marked hiking paths, free wilderness huts, and even some boats for travellers to use. It is adjacent to the Hammastunturi Wilderness Area.


  • Otsamo Fell is a popular hiking area located eight kilometres from the Inari village. There is a trekking path of ten kilometres length which leads from Siida to the fell.


  • The King’s Cup is a festival held in late March or early April each year, being the grand finale of the annual reindeer racing season. Reindeer are raced around the frozen lake, with “jockeys” sliding behind them on the ice. It is a lively, fun, and funny event with a race for visitors.


If you love the idea of embarking on a Lapland trip which is rich in culture, history, natural beauty, and you love to “get off the beaten path”, contact Scandi Travel today to plan your visit to Inari. We guarantee a once in a lifetime experience like no other you have ever had.

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