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The Greatest Northern Lights Photos Ever!

14 Jul
Northern Lights Photo by Shannon Bileski

Calling all travel enthusiasts with a passion for photography. Have you ever taken or seen a fantastic photo of the Northern Lights? Because we’re searching for the number one image – that perfect moment captured – the one that beats all the rest. “Ridiculous!” you may say, “There isn’t one photo of the aurora borealis that’s beats […]

Top 5 Ecotourism Destinations in Finland

04 May
Helsinki Zoo

Top 5 Ecotourism Destinations in Finland   For the enthusiastic eco-traveller, Finland is a paradise of conservation, sustainability and responsible living. This beautiful country is rich with undisturbed natural beauty, and the Finnish people are extremely respectful of their environment. In this article, we take a look at just five of the best ecotourism destinations […]

Shore Excursions – How to Make Every Minute Count

27 Apr

Making the Most of Your Shore Excursion One of the most wonderful things about a cruise is the diversity of exotic destinations you’ll visit during your shore excursions. Stepping off the ship into a new city is always a thrilling experience. But, with just a short few hours to see the sights, you need to make […]

Catherine Palace’s Amber Room – Introducing the Eighth Wonder of the World

20 Apr
The Catherine Palace with Amber room in Pushkin St Petersburg

Never has a room inspired such awe and intrigue as the Amber Room at Catherine Palace. Once dubbed “the eighth wonder of the world”, this palatial chamber was unrivaled in beauty and craftsmanship. Designed by German Sculptor Andreas Schlüter and Danish amber craftsman Gottfried Wolfram, construction of the room was completed in 1711 in Prussia. In the […]

Vuokatti Angry Birds Activity Park – The Launch Interview

08 Mar
Angry Birds 3

A unique Finnish attraction has been drawing in visitors from all over the world. Inspired by the hugely successful video game, the Vuokatti Angry Birds Activity Park opened in Finland in December 2012. With 4000 square metres dedicated to Angry Birds themed adventure activities, the park is the largest of its kind in the world.  Scandi […]

The Spectacular Finnish Sauna

24 Feb
nikol (3)

The Finnish sauna experience is a fascinating cultural phenomenon – almost every hotel and apartment block in Finland is equipped with sauna facilities. Saunas can be found in the most unusual places including business headquarters, buses and even at an incredible depth in an underground mine. This guide to Finnish Sauna will explore this obsession in […]

Angry Birds Activity Park Opens in Finland

19 Jan
Angry Birds Park in Finland

Angry Birds Activity Park Opens in Finland You’re probably familiar with Angry Birds; the wildly popular and highly addictive video game available on most smartphone devices. This brilliantly wacky game sees players catapult wingless birds at belligerent pigs in order to knock them down and score points. The classic version of the game is accompanied […]

Husky Sledging – A Beginner’s Guide

14 Jan

A Short History of Husky Dog Sledding Husky Sledding, also known as Mushing, is a mode of transport powered by dogs. Originally, Husky dogs pulled equipment and people across difficult snow and ice conditions. However, in recent years, dog sledding has become a popular leisure pursuit and an exhilarating sport. The practice of dog sledding […]

The Northern Lights – What, When and Where?

Northern Lights Lapland

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What are the Northern Lights? The northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are a natural light display occurring 100km above the planet. The lights are created by the expulsion of electrically charged particles by the sun during large solar explosions. These particles are driven towards the North Pole by the Earth’s magnetic field, where […]