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Explore Helsinki by Bicycle!

Bike tour of Helsinki

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Here at Scandi Travel, we are very excited to offer a new private tour like no other: explore Helsinki by Bike! Our Helsinki by Bike tour is a fun way to get outside, enjoy fresh and crisp air, and explore Helsinki in an easygoing yet active way. You will be guided and introduced to all […]

Hotel Kultahovi, Inari

Hotel Kultahovi, Inari

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Situated in the remote Lappish town of Inari, the Hotel Kultahovi in Inari is much more than just a regular hotel – it is a destination and an experience in itself.   Located in Inari on the banks of the River Juutuanjoki and just a stone’s throw from the river rapids, the hotel is comprised […]

Discover another World in Inari

14 Oct
Try all winter activities during the Finnish Lapland trip

One of the many places just waiting for you to discover, and which Scandi Travel is proud to guide you to, is Inari in the wilderness of Finland’s Lapland.   Inari is located in the far north of Lapland, and is a village in Finland’s largest and most sparsely populated municipality. It is situated on […]

Great Castles to Visit in Finland

Finland Castles

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Some of us love to explore the countryside in a new place, and for many of us, castles top the list of must-see attractions. They take us to another time, long past, and just seeing an old castle is a feast for the imagination.   While not renowned for its castles, Finland does have some […]

The Charming Town of Porvoo


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Many of the trips and tours we offer here at Scandi Travel begin or end in Helsinki. Finland’s capital city, Helsinki had many attractions of its own which warrant some time spent enjoying them, and it is also a wonderful base for some lovely day trips either before or after your Lapland trip or tour […]

Tips for Travelling with Children

Whether you are embarking on a Baltic Cruise, taking a Lapland trip to meet Santa Claus, exploring the cities of Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn or St Petersburg, or otherwise adventuring in the North, it has to be said that travelling with children presents both thrills and challenges.   Here are some very basic tips to get […]

The Best of Lapland at Scandi Travel


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We have said it before and we will say it again: Scandi Travel is the premium local tour operator for the Baltic Region. From Lapland and the Arctic Circle to the Imperial City of St Petersburg; from Helsinki to Stockholm and Tallinn via the Baltic Sea, there is no better way to explore this magical […]

Romantic Things to Do in Lapland

22 Jul

Scandi Travel caters to travellers of all types and we are always excited to introduce our clients to the delights of the North. Lapland is a wonderland for couples, with many a romantic experience to be enjoyed, whether you’re an active traveller or more at home snuggled in a cosy cabin. Here are some of […]

The Siida Sami Museum in Lapland

15 Jul
Siida Sami Museum in Inari

There are so many things to enjoy on Lapland holidays, with everything from visiting Santa Claus and going on a snowmobile safari to cultural treats like visiting a reindeer farm.   One fantastic activity which we recommend to visitors to Lapland who are interested in the culture of the region is a day trip to […]

Top Lapland Activities for Families

Lapland Activities for Families

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Lapland Activities for Families: it’s not just a unique wilderness in the far corner of the world; it’s a veritable cornucopia of amazing experiences and things to do. Whether you’re a lone-adventurer, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a family group travelling with children, you will find the perfect tourist experience in this northern […]

A Winter Fairy Tale in Lapland

Lapland tour

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It may be summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but now is the time to look ahead and book winter holidays to Lapland for the coming Christmas season. Finnish Lapland is in the far north of the country, and is home to not only the indigenous Sami, nomadic tribal peoples who have lived here and been […]

What You Need to Know About the Baltic Cruise

Baltic cruise on Silja Line

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When we hear the word “cruise”, tropical, warm climates generally spring to mind. The South Pacific, Mediterranean, or Caribbean tend to be the first and foremost locations linked to this form of travel. While all of these destinations do have their many attractions, few realise the rich and exciting appeal and experiences awaiting those who […]

The North Pole– Separating Facts from Fantasy

22 Jan
Tours to Finland

Holidays to Lapland invariably include the ceremonial crossing of the Arctic Circle – and physical arrival at the region of the North Pole. The land of Santa Claus and all things mystical, there are many myths and misconceptions about the North Pole. The North Pole is the earth’s northernmost point; exactly opposite the South Pole. […]

Reindeer – A Finnish Icon. Lapland Holidays

06 Jan
Lapland holidays

Not simply the creatures that pull Santa’s sleigh, reindeer are an iconic creature in Finnish Lapland. A highlight of Lapland holidays is to take a reindeer-drawn sleigh ride, and a visit to a reindeer farm offers an even more comprehensive look at these gentle and majestic Arctic mammals. It is believed that reindeer were perhaps […]