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Discover the Magic of Saariselka with Lapland Holidays

Activities in Saariselka

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Venture two hundred and fifty kilometres north of the Arctic Circle in Finland as you’ll discover the magic of Saariselka. Somewhat off the beaten track even for Lapland holidays, this village is a hidden gem and offers an array of Finland’s winter sports and other outdoor delights to enjoy nearby. Saariselka lies just thirty kilometres […]

Preparing for Your Winter Adventure: Clothes for Your Lapland Trip

Lapland clothing

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Wondering what clothes to wear in Lapland? Wonder no more. We’re here to help you out, with all the information you need on the right Lapland clothing. Winter can get cold in the Arctic – so it’s essential to have the right clothing ready for your trip. Read on to see what clothes you need […]

What’s the Best Way to Experience the Sampo Icebreaker in Kemi?

Icebreaker cruise in Kemi

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As the only vessel of its kind dedicated to tourism, the Kemi-based Sampo Icebreaker is an experience like no other. It’s got abundant history, plenty of power and gives passengers the most spectacular views. But what exactly do you get to see and do on the ship? How is best to experience it? And what […]

What’s New at Scandi Classics?

09 Aug
Lappish cota

Here at Scandi Classics, your Baltic and Lapland tour operator, we are always very excited to announce new trips and tours for you to enjoy. So it is with the greatest pleasure that we announce three new Lapland tours for your enjoyment! 1. Excursion to the Ranua Wildlife Park Situated eighty kilometres outside Rovaniemi, the […]

Introducing 4 Spectacular Winter Lapland Tours for 2016/17

30 Sep
Winter lapland tours

With stunning arctic surroundings, a plethora of festive activities and the unbelievable northern lights in the mix, a Lapland tour is the perfect way to ignite your Christmas spirit. And as we all know, the magic of Christmas simply can’t be matched. It’s the most exciting time of the year for adults and children alike. […]

Hotel Ivalo, Ivalo Lapland

Ivalo hotel

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Ivalo is a village in Lapland’s Inari municipality, situated on the Ivalo River and between Lake Inari and the winter sports resort of Saariselkä. It is a great centre for Lapland accommodation. Hotel Ivalo is a charming meeting point and place to stay for travellers to the untouched far north of Lapland, and it combines […]

St Petersburg: Europe’s Leading Destination

Travel to St Petersburg

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In very exciting news for all of us here at Scandi Classics, St Petersburg has been recognised as Europe’s Leading Destination for travel. At the 23rd Annual World Travel Awards, held in Sardinia on September 4th, 2016, the Russian Imperial city was the winner of this prestigious award for the second consecutive year – testament […]

Going Russia without visa

24 Aug

Among our Baltic cruises there are some of them including Russia. You have a great opportunity to visit Russia without visa. Why Russian visa is not required By Russian law (Government regulation #532 dated 28 AUG 2003) travellers from all over the world can visit some of Russian harbour cities without visa with a stay […]

Explore Helsinki by Bicycle!

Bike tour of Helsinki

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Here at Scandi Classics, we are very excited to offer a new private tour like no other: explore Helsinki by Bike! Our Helsinki by Bike tour is a fun way to get outside, enjoy fresh and crisp air, and explore Helsinki in an easygoing yet active way. You will be guided and introduced to all […]

Hotel Kultahovi, Inari

Hotel Kultahovi, Inari

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Situated in the remote Lappish town of Inari, the Hotel Kultahovi in Inari is much more than just a regular hotel – it is a destination and an experience in itself.   Located in Inari on the banks of the River Juutuanjoki and just a stone’s throw from the river rapids, the hotel is comprised […]

Discover another World in Inari

14 Oct
Try all winter activities in Lapland

One of the many places just waiting for you to discover, and which Scandi Classics is proud to guide you to, is Inari in the wilderness of Finland’s Lapland.   Inari is located in the far north of Lapland, and is a village in Finland’s largest and most sparsely populated municipality. It is situated on […]

Great Finland Hiking Areas

Finland Hiking

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Getting out and embracing nature and new places is one of the best things about travelling, and Finland is tailor-made for enjoying the great outdoors. Obviously Lapland trips in winter offer a myriad of snow sports and activities, but even outside winter, Lapland and southern Finland offer spectacular opportunities to get outside in the fresh […]

Great Castles to Visit in Finland

Finland Castles

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Some of us love to explore the countryside in a new place, and for many of us, castles top the list of must-see attractions. They take us to another time, long past, and just seeing an old castle is a feast for the imagination.   While not renowned for its castles, Finland does have some […]

The Charming Town of Porvoo


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Many of the trips and tours we offer here at Scandi Classics begin or end in Helsinki. Finland’s capital city, Helsinki had many attractions of its own which warrant some time spent enjoying them, and it is also a wonderful base for some lovely day trips either before or after your Lapland trip or tour […]

Tips for Travelling with Children

Whether you are embarking on a Baltic Cruise, taking a Lapland trip to meet Santa Claus, exploring the cities of Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn or St Petersburg, or otherwise adventuring in the North, it has to be said that travelling with children presents both thrills and challenges.   Here are some very basic tips to get […]