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The Beauty of a Baltic Cruise

27 Sep
Tallink cruises

Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings and treat yourself to a Baltic Cruise. Seeing this striking region from the aspect of the sea is an amazing and memorable way to experience magnificent coastline scenery, historical ports, unique natural wonders and sensational on-board comforts and entertainment. The Baltic Sea is a Mediterranean body of water […]

Helsinki Architecture Walking Tour

06 Sep
Helsinki harbor view

Helsinki is a city with passion for architectural design coursing through its veins. Standing proud as the Capital of Finland, it is renowned for its strong architectural roots and takes inspiration from iconic minds across the world. If you have the pleasure of visiting the city, a walking tour to take in Helsinki’s architectural grandeur […]

Why Visit Scandinavia?

22 Jul
Helsinki harbor

Why Visit Scandinavia? Scandinavia as a tourist destination, unless one lives in the region, flies under the radar somewhat and is often overlooked for more well-known and well-trodden travel locales such as the Mediterranean, the European Alps, Thailand, or the South Pacific. What many people don’t realise or consider is that a vacation in Scandinavia […]

Top 5 Ecotourism Destinations in Finland

04 May
Helsinki Zoo

Top 5 Ecotourism Destinations in Finland   For the enthusiastic eco-traveller, Finland is a paradise of conservation, sustainability and responsible living. This beautiful country is rich with undisturbed natural beauty, and the Finnish people are extremely respectful of their environment. In this article, we take a look at just five of the best ecotourism destinations […]