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Cruise Helsinki to St Petersburg in Style!

26 Nov
Shore excursions in St.Petersburg

If you love the idea of cruising between Helsinki and St Petersburg in style, your dreams can now become a reality. With the luxury Nordic ferry service travelling the Baltic between Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki and St Petersburg, foreign visitors can experience this Imperial Russian city first hand – and, even better, it’s visa-free! This ferry […]

Catherine Palace’s Amber Room – Introducing the Eighth Wonder of the World

20 Apr
The Catherine Palace with Amber room in Pushkin St Petersburg

Never has a room inspired such awe and intrigue as the Amber Room at Catherine Palace. Once dubbed “the eighth wonder of the world”, this palatial chamber was unrivaled in beauty and craftsmanship. Designed by German Sculptor Andreas Schlüter and Danish amber craftsman Gottfried Wolfram, construction of the room was completed in 1711 in Prussia. In the […]