The Beauty of a Baltic Cruise

27 Sep
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Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings and treat yourself to a Baltic Cruise. Seeing this striking region from the aspect of the sea is an amazing and memorable way to experience magnificent coastline scenery, historical ports, unique natural wonders and sensational on-board comforts and entertainment.

The Baltic Sea is a Mediterranean body of water located between central Europe and Northern Europe. Bound by the Scandinavian Peninsula, mainland Europe and the islands of Denmark, it includes the Gulf of Riga, the Gulf of Finland, and the Gulf of Bothnia. Parts of the Baltic Sea are covered by ice during winter.

A Baltic Cruise is a vacation unlike any other. The freshest of sea air invigorates as the ship crosses between various ports of call. The most common ports visited by Baltic cruise liners are Helsinki, St Petersburg, Stockholm, Tallinn; some may also include Copenhagen and Oslo. All of these destinations are convenient, tourist-and-family friendly, and have their own particular attractions.

The Baltic region is packed full of charm, history and spectacular natural scenery. Baltic cities meld rich history and architecture with contemporary culture; medieval and modern attractions exist side by side.
Helsinki is a trendy and modern destination built around a main harbour. At the mouth of the Baltic Sea, its waterfront views are equal to anywhere else in Scandinavia. Fantastic public transport and easy navigation on foot make Helsinki an inviting port stop.

St Petersburg offers a cosmopolitan and vibrant cultural atmosphere. It boasts some of Europe’s most beautiful architecture, as well as parks and gardens. River and canal boats are a novel way to see the city.

Stockholm is Sweden’s capital and the dock is a mere stroll from museums, the Royal Palace, and some of Scandinavia’s best shopping.

Tallinn is one of Scandinavia’s best kept secrets. Estonia’s capital, it has preserved its beauty over a millennium. Winding cobblestone streets, medieval buildings, and a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List notwithstanding, Tallinn is a proudly modern society and a must-visit.

While late spring through summer is possibly the best time weather-wise to cruise the Baltic Sea, Baltic weather can be unpredictable. The ocean liners used by Scandi Travel are constructed and fitted so as to be able to safely and comfortably navigate the seas, whatever the conditions.

A Baltic Cruise isn’t just appealing for the ports visited and the views from the ship. Onboard has just as much to recommend it as shore excursions: luxury accommodations, comfortable cabins, designer boutique shopping onboard, gourmet restaurants and cafes, and first class entertainment. There is even a health and beauty spa for a little self-indulgence on most liners.

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