Angry Birds Activity Park Opens in Finland

19 Jan
Angry Birds Park in Finland

Angry Birds Activity Park Opens in Finland

You’re probably familiar with Angry Birds; the wildly popular and highly addictive video game available on most smartphone devices. This brilliantly wacky game sees players catapult wingless birds at belligerent pigs in order to knock them down and score points. The classic version of the game is accompanied by different versions including Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars. Fans of the game can now experience the latest version of play away from their phones with the arrival of an Angry Birds Theme Park in Finland.

The hugely immersive Theme Park brings the fun of this hilarious game to life. Featuring a range of Angry Birds themed adventure courses with tunnels, bridges, zip lines and slides for children to explore. In Angry Birds Town, children can take to their pedal cars and discover 300 metres of winding roads, tunnels and bridges. And if you thought it was just for children, the courses are sturdy enough for adults to walk through and enjoy too.

Tours to the Angry Birds Theme Park, Finland are now available

Scandi Travel now offers exclusive tours to the Angry Birds Theme Park in Finland. The Angry Birds tour, provided by Scandi Travel, offers luxury and adventure for a one-of-a-kind vacation. The package includes a stay at the Sokos Hotel Voukatti, ski passes for the slopes and tickets to the Angry Birds Theme Park.

Experience the Sokos Hotel

The Sokos hotel is located in the resort of Snowpolis; an inimitable Technology Park celebrating wellness, recreation and a year-round winter wonderland. This high-tech Park is carefully contrasted against a backdrop of outstanding natural beauty. The contemporary Sokos hotel is beautifully designed and well-equipped with a selection of restaurants and bars. The Kippo restaurant offers Finnish cuisine in the beautiful setting of a traditional smoke cottage while the vibrant Amarillo restaurant provides a delicious Tex-Mex menu. Comfortable rooms, sauna facilities, excellent nightlife and a wealth of activities ensure your stay is the perfect balance of action and relaxation.

The Angry Birds tour is perfect for families with children of all ages. To make their dreams come true contact Scandi Travel and book your adventure getaway today. Scandi Travel is an independent Tour Operator providing unique travel experiences and luxury holidays within Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltics.