6 Lapland Reveal Ideas the Kids Will Never Forget

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Visiting Lapland is a truly unforgettable experience for adults and children alike. For the kids in particular, the chance to take a trip to the mythical land of elves, fairies, and Santa Claus is something that they can only imagine in their dreams.

The exotic, snow-capped mountains and fjords are even better in person, not to mention the abundant Lappish wildlife like huskies and reindeer. However, you want to make the event even more magical by keeping it a secret and revealing the grand plan at the very last minute.

The good news is that there are tonnes of spectacular and exciting Lapland reveal ideas at your fingertips. In this post, we’ll look at six ways you can reveal the trip of a lifetime to your little adventurers.

1. Airport surprise

The best surprises happen at the last second, making them hard to believe. Imagine how your children will react when they realise they are heading to the phenomenal location that is Lapland as you get ready to board the plane.

Surprising your kids at the airport heightens the almost otherworldly experience. Of course, it’s not easy to hide it from them for weeks and months on end. To be in with the best chance of maintaining the surprise, you’ll need to do everything from packing for them to planning all the trips and tours in secret, ideally while they’re out of the house.

At the airport, ask them where they’d like to go for Christmas if they could choose any destination in the world. When they reply, “to see Santa Claus,” reveal that you’re flying to Lapland to ride the Santa Claus express train to his grotto in the stunning Arctic circle. Expect them to be totally speechless or uncontrollably excited.

2. Christmas present

There’s no more remarkable way to reveal your family Lapland trip than to put a reminder in a box for them to open on Christmas morning. The beauty of the festive period mixed with the raw shock will ensure you never forget the moment, as well as the kids.

A fantastic tip is to write a letter from Father Christmas. That way, they can read the invitation out loud and let the sensation of visiting one of the most magical regions in the world sink in.

For an extra Christmassy vibe, get the house elf to deliver the golden ticket on the morning of the 25th for a yuletide surprise that will go down in history as one of the greatest Lapland reveal ideas ever!

3. Reindeer park

Getting up close and personal with powerful-yet-beautiful creatures like reindeers will get children’s imaginations running wild. When they see the majesty of the animals that they have previously only met in movies and TV series, the wonder of Father Christmas and Lapland hits home.

So, going to a reindeer park is guaranteed to get their Christmas juices flowing, especially in the wintertime. While the animals are native to the arctic, they can also be found in dedicated reindeer parks closer to home.

As they marvel at the amazing reindeer, you could ask them if they’d like to meet one of Santa’s loyal crew in Lapland. The look on their face will be priceless!

4. Sleeping under the stars

When you imagine the mesmerising surroundings of Lapland, you see the snow and glass igloos propped up in the ice and the deep colours of the Northern Lights dancing in the night sky.

It’s hard to recreate such incredible natural phenomena since they are what make Lapland so special. However, you can give the kids a taste of what is to come by sleeping under the warmth of the stars surrounded by everything Mother Nature has to offer.

Take a telescope and point out supernatural constellations to ensure the kids get the full experience and end the outdoor adventure by revealing your pre-planned Lapland trip, where the twinkling lights are brighter and more vivid than anywhere in the world.

5. Indoor skiing.

Lapland is synonymous with vast snowy white landscapes. As with the reindeer and stars, giving children a taste of what Lapland has to offer can be the perfect reveal idea. Unfortunately, not many countries offer the same wintry beauty.

That’s where indoor skiing slopes can help. Take the kids on a fun day out where they can ski, snowboard and have fun in the icy surroundings.

When they’re done, you can ask them whether they enjoyed the snow – and would like to go somewhere even better. They’ll no doubt reply with a resounding yes, at which point you can reveal your mind-blowing Lapland plans.

6. Treasure hunt

Sometimes the best reveals are the ones that leave kids to do a bit of figuring out. If that’s the case for your little ones, a treasure hunt is the perfect Lapland reveal. Create clues that guide children to different parts of the house or garden, with each spot revealing a letter that eventually spells out Lapland – and giving them the next clue.

For that extra-special Christmas feeling, make the clues as festive as you can:

  • Where does Father Christmas leave your presents?
  • Dig out your Christmas jumpers (with the answer in the drawer)
  • Check inside your Christmas stocking

For the older kids, you can put the letters in a random order, so they still have a bit of work to do to reveal the answer after finding the clues.

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